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Under Construction - from the voice of a client

After a few sessions a client reflected on their readiness to seek help and truly face their demons. With their permission this story explores how it is having an impact on them… “ It may not be visible to you, but inside I am changing. I don’t know in what way I will change, and it might take months, years, very possibly the rest of my life. I will admit that I am struggling as a lot of this is new for me. I have not been very open before. However, I am committed to trying. “

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A Metaphor For Every Day Life - Passengers on a Bus?

Metaphors are a great way to make sense of our world - to put “things” in perspective. So I really wanted to share with you the “Passengers on the Bus”. If you are the driver of your own life and the passengers are your thoughts and feelings… then what ‘noise’ are you hearing to distract you from where you want to be going in life? Are your passengers friends or bullies? How do you respond to your passengers when they are demanding your attention?

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