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Mindfulness Exercise: The Sky and The Weather 2mins

Mindfulness is a “Hot Topic” and often misunderstood. ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy) has various ways of helping us understand how our mind works and how we can train it so that we increase our psychological flexibility. We are just the backdrop on which our thoughts and feelings come and go. Like the sky is so much bigger than the weather, unharmed by the weather, and always there despite the weather, so we are separate from our thoughts and feelings. We can just notice them come and go with mindful curiosity and openness.

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A Metaphor For Every Day Life - Passengers on a Bus?

Metaphors are a great way to make sense of our world - to put “things” in perspective. So I really wanted to share with you the “Passengers on the Bus”. If you are the driver of your own life and the passengers are your thoughts and feelings… then what ‘noise’ are you hearing to distract you from where you want to be going in life? Are your passengers friends or bullies? How do you respond to your passengers when they are demanding your attention?

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